Open innovation challenges where hard tech entrepreneurs

jumpstart their ventures. refine their solution. protect their IP. find their customers.

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Jumpstart Your Venture

Successful entrepreneurs have creative ideas and valuable technologies, but struggle to build early commercial traction


ProblemSpace is an open innovation platform where entrepreneurs can learn the challenges faced by potential customers and secure commercial commitments


Legacy-sector companies have moonshot ideas and intractable problems, but have trouble working with startups

Legacy-sector Companies

Find Your First Customer

Sto Corporation, a building technology and building materials leader, sought next-generation solutions to gnarly problems that current state-of-the-art technologies could not address. Sto launched four open innovation challenges for new building materials through Problem Space.

Frank Yang, serial entrepreneur, winner:

“ProblemSpace helped us prove the viability of our model through a relationship with a respected corporate in Sto.

By winning the Open Innovation Challenge, we have not only accelerated production and distribution, but also have meaningfully advanced conversations with major investors.”

ProblemSpace Process

Corporate defines the problem and metrics for success

Ventures submit proposals to ProblemSpace in confidence

ProblemSpace selects candidates to interview (NDA optional)

ProblemSpace evaluates proposals and makes recommendations to corporate sponsor

Corporate selection committee evaluates finalists (under NDA) and selects winner(s)

Prizes Include:

Contingent purchase order –
which can be used for funding

Corporate investment
in the venture

Fellowship to pursue
an early-stage concept